To Reserve a Campsite at Griffin Park

To camp at Griffin Park, please contact us by filling out the Campsite Reservation Request Form before registering. After we contact you with your campsite number, proceed to the Registration Form (link at the bottom of this page). Please add domain to your email allowed list so that we can contact you with your campsite number.

To Register for Sukkot NW

To register for Sukkot NW, complete the on-line Registration Form and click on the “send form” button at the end. That will take you to a payment page. Payment can be done through PayPal or those who prefer mailing a check, information is provided for that as well. You do not need a PayPal account to use the PayPal Shopping Cart system.

By registering for Sukkot NW, you agree to the Cancellation Refund Policy, Photo & Video Release Consent, and our Lost & Found Policy. Please read these before registering.

For your convenience, the deadlines for registration and ordering lulavim sets are listed in one place here: Registration & Order Deadlines.

Registrations Fees

The purpose of the registration fee is not to exclude, but to help cover some of the costs involved. The registration fees we request do not cover our expenses, but we desire to keep this as affordable as possible for everyone who wants to celebrate this Feast with us. Donations are appreciated and needed, but we don’t pass a plate nor will we make endless pleas for donations during Sukkot. If you would like to make a donation at this time to help with Sukkot NW expenses, a donation button is located in the sidebar of the Sukkot NW Q&A blog.

These registration fees are for the entire festival, and not a daily fee. There is no per diem registration fee. It is the same early registration fee of $45 for one adult whether you attend one day or the entire festival.

The “late fee” is motivation to get your registrations to us in a timely manner as we need to know how many will attend so that we can purchase various supplies, coffee, plates, etc, and print the nametags before traveling to Sukkot NW. We are getting the congregation and all the sukkot supplies plus our family’s camping trip ready to go, and we appreciate your timely registrations!

Registration deadline is ON or BEFORE noon Pacific Time, Sunday, September 25th.
AFTER Sunday, September 25th, a $50 late fee will be added and payment by check is no longer an option.

Sukkot NW 2016 Registration Fees
(6–15 YEARS OLD)

The family maximum is to help larger families. The definition of “family” for this purpose is: two (or one) parents and children in the same household budget. If you have a foster child or have guardianship, that is included in “family”. If you are in different household budgets, then please register separately.

Ready to register? Go to the Registration Form