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Use this form as the first step to reserving a campsite at Griffin Park. If you do not need a campsite, then go to the Registration Page to register for Sukkot NW. The link to the Registration Form is at the bottom of that page.

Please read the Reservation Information, Camping Cancellation Policy, and Camping Fees sections below before filling out the Campsite Reservation Request form to request a campsite reservation at Sukkot NW at Griffin Park.

Reservation Information:

  • You must be registered for Sukkot NW to camp at Griffin Park during the Sukkot NW Feast of Tabernacles celebration.
  • Sukkot NW campsites at Griffin Park must be reserved and confirmed in advance. Campsites are not available for people who “just show up”.
  • Campsites at Griffin Park during Sukkot NW are reserved on a first come, first served basis with priority given to those committed to camping the full festival. If you are not planning to attend all the days of the Feast, please consider Schroeder Park or Indian Mary Park campgrounds. If you desire to be at Griffin Park, you may ask to be put on a waiting list to: a) camp in your own site while matched up with another part-time attendee so that the campsite is occupied all nights, or b) share a spot with a full-time camper, if available.
  • All RV sites have full hookups with electric, water, and sewer as well as a place to put up a tent. Most sites offer 30 amps electrical service with 3 sites offering 50 amps. Additionally, there is an RV waste water dump station conveniently located on site at the campground for the use of registered campers. One vehicle is included with the campsite fee. A second overnight vehicle is $5 per night, payable to the camp host (cash only).
  • Tent sites are near the river (a large grassy area sits between the sites and the river) and farthest from the restroom/shower building. There is a shared common water spigot and no electrical at the sites. One vehicle is included with the campsite fee. A second vehicle is $5 per night, payable to the camp host (cash only).
  • Availability of a campsite that fits your needs is not guaranteed. There are a limited number of sites available and they’re all different. We will communicate the description of the site to see if it will work for you before you commit to the reservation. Reserve America has site information and Josephine County Parks page for Griffin Park has pictures of each campsite (scroll to bottom of page, then click on a photo to launch a slideshow with larger images). Several RV sites have longer paved drives, only 3 offer 50 amp electrical service, and 1 is for ADA. We’re setting those aside for those who need it. Once the rest of the campground fills up, if those sites are still available, they can be reserved on a first come, first served basis.
  • Once a site has been agreed upon, your campsite reservation is held for 48 hours or until payment is received, whichever comes first. The campsite can be paid with your registration or can be invoiced separately. After payment is received, the campsite is reserved for you.
  • Please indicate if you are willing to share a site once the campground fills up (it is not required to share). If sharing a site, one party is responsible for payment to Sukkot NW; Furthermore, it will be up to the parties to work out the ratio of payment on the site (ie 50/50 or one-third/two-thirds) and the extra vehicle fees ($5/night) if more than 1 vehicle is on the site (an RV doesn’t count toward this).
  • Firewood is available at the campground for $5 per bundle. Cash only.
  • Josephine County limits 6 people per campsite. Please contact us if you have a larger family (directly related family members only), and we will check with Josephine County to see if they will waive this requirement for you or attempt to find another camper with extra “people allowance” to share with.
  • Pets are allowed according to Josephine County Park’s pet policy, which states that all pets must be on a leash, owners must clean up after their pets (please bring supplies), and no pets are allowed in the yurt or on the yurt site. Please review the entire pet policy if you are bringing a pet. You are asked to not bring your pet to the meeting shelter or in the adjacent playground area.
  • All Josephine County Parks Rules and Regulations are expected to be followed while camping at Griffin Park.

Campsite Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations will be partially refunded at 50% of the campsite fee if cancelled in writing BEFORE 9/16/16. After that time there are no refunds given on the campsite fees.

Campsite Fees:

Camping fees for 2016 at Griffin Park during Sukkot NW are as follows:

2016 Sukkot NW Camping Fees (9 nights)
Fee Type Description
Check in is Sun 10/16 after 2 pm — Check out is Tues 10/25 before 12 noon.
Additional $5 per night extra overnight vehicle fee is payable (in cash) to the park host on site.
$325.00 RV Site Full hookups with water, electric, and sewer, RV plus one vehicle
$225.00 Tent Site No hookups, shared common water spigot, one vehicle
$425.00 Yurt Sit has room for a tent. No dogs allowed in or around the yurt.

Campsite Reservation Request Form:

Begin this form by filling out your name and contact information, followed by your campsite needs. Remember to hit the “send form” button when you’re finished. We will contact you with campsite availability information. If you don’t see a response within 48 hours, please check your “other/spam” mailbox and add domain to your allowed email senders.

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