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Use Schedule B

The new moon was not seen on 9/14, so Sukkot NW 2015 on the Rogue is using “Schedule B”! The pages on this website will be updated to reflect this and our Speaker’s Schedule B uploaded to the Schedule page.

Since there is an “extra” day at the beginning, we’re looking into a possible group activity on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning (set up is Tuesday afternoon). One suggestion is a JetBoat excursion. If you have a suggestion, please “reply” below.


Griffin Park Campsites Update

RV campsites at Griffin Park are all reserved. What are your options for camping at Sukkot NW?

A couple of campers have indicated their willingness to share their RV or tent site with someone camping in a tent, but they are limited at this time. We’ll do our best to find places for everyone!

If you have an RV, you can go on the waiting list in case there is a cancellation. We are recommending overflow camping at Indian Mary, also a Josephine County Park. Indian Mary is a beautiful park located along the Rogue River. Several campers with Sukkot NW have made reservations over at Indian Mary, so fellow Feast celebrants are there in camp. Reservations for camping at Indian Mary can be made through Reserve America.

All meetings are held at Griffin Park, meaning you’ll have a little traveling back and forth to do each day between the two campgrounds. Packing your lunch in a cooler will help to limit your trips.

The schedules have been firmed up, and we’re working to get the graphics finished so they can be uploaded to the “Schedule” menu in the next couple of days. It won’t be long until we can be together celebrating Yah’s Feast!


Griffin Park Campsite is Almost Full

Currently all the tent sites at Griffin Park have been reserved. Three RV sites remain available: two have 50 amp electrical service and one has 30 amp electrical service. Both have water and sewer hookups. More information on the campsites can be found under our LOCATION Lodging information section.

What are your options if you want to camp in a tent at Sukkot NW? You can:

  • Reserve an RV site,
  • Share an RV site with someone who has a trailer — several of the RV campsites have indicated they are willing to share with someone in a tent, or
  • Share a tent site — two of the tent sites have indicated they are also willing to share (a single person or a family up to 4 people as 6 people is the maximum per site).

On another note, we are opening up a “marketplace” area while the workshops are presented. There is no cost to be in the marketplace; however, only those registered and participating at Sukkot NW may sell items they’ve made or that they resell in the marketplace. If you are interested, please contact us.