What To Bring…

Suggestions for What to Bring to Sukkot NW:

  • Bring your Scriptures, notepads, and writing utensils.
  • Any Judaica (tallit, shofar, etc).
  • Musical instruments and worship banners.
  • Lulavim to wave joyfully before YHVH. Traditional Lulavim sets from Israel with etrog are available to pre-order on your registration form or feel free to bring your own.
  • Snack-type contributions for the daily snack tables at the meetings and the evening sukkah party tables (there are grocery stores there). Remember to bring your serving spoons, if needed.
  • Two dishes (main + side, main + salad, or main + dessert) for the Erev Shabbat dinner on 10/21/16 (a crockpot may be handy and there are grocery stores nearby). Remember to bring your serving spoons, if needed.
  • Portable cooler (and ice) for your packed lunches on the Sabbaths if you are not camping at Griffin Park (you’ll want to pack a lunch to bring with you as there is not enough time during the lunch breaks to travel back and forth).
  • Comfortable camping-type chairs for meetings, evening sukkah parties and fellowship times. There are picnic tables but no chairs to sit in at the meeting facility.
  • A flashlight — and also a lantern if you are camping. The campground gets dark at night.
  • A warm coat for evenings and early mornings. Add a lap blanket if you get cold easily. The weather is changing, it’s Fall, and the nights are getting colder.
  • Decorations for the community sukkah. There are deer, wild turkeys, and other critters in the area, so non-edibles preferred. These can be homemade or purchased — whatever you want to bring for your participation in decorating the sukkah.
  • Kosher marshmallows for toasting over the campfire. (We recommend Elyon brand, available at Whole Foods Markets and Trader Joes has offered a vegetarian marshmallow this summer).
  • If you’re not camping at a Josephine County park (including Griffin Park), you’ll need a day use parking pass.
  • If you’re camping, remember your sleeping bags, mattress/cots/sleeping pads, pillows, extra blanket, and towels.
  • If you are camping and cooking your own food, bring your cook stove, fuel, cooking pans, utensils, food (including condiments and spices), plates, cups, tableware, coolers with ice, a water container/carrier, etc. Remember the can opener! If you’re new to camping, here’s links to helpful checklists:
    Camping Checklist 1 | Camping Checklist 2 | Camping Checklist 3
  • If you like an early morning cup of coffee or other hot beverage and you’re camping, bring a means to prepare that as well as cream, preferred sweetener, etc. Hot coffee, tea, cocoa, and spiced apple cider will be served at the meetings.
  • Personal and toiletry items. May we suggest enough undergarments and socks so that you will not have to spend your time at a laundromat, unless you really want to. If so, then bring plenty of quarters.
  • Group games, bikes, and whatever else you may need for your leisure-time activities, i.e. binoculars, hiking boots, swimsuits, water sandals, goggles, geocaching swag & GPS unit, Disc Golf discs, etc. We strongly recommend hiking boots or durable, sturdy shoes if you are hiking or visiting the Oregon Caves. If skateboarding, inline-skating or riding bikes, protection is required by Oregon Law if under 16 years old: Bicyclists must wear a helmet and skaters must wear knee and elbow pads.
  • If you plan to fish, bring salmon and steelhead fishing equipment (or guided tours typically provide these). Fishing gear and licenses can be purchased at sporting stores in nearby Grants Pass.
  • Students, bring your coursework. A group usually goes to the library once or twice, and they also set aside time to work quietly on their studies in camp during the free time.
  • It would be wise to pack some rain gear “just in case,” even more so if you are camping.
  • … and remember your cameras!

PDF icon indicating a pdf file to downloadPrintable list of above suggestions for what to bring to Sukkot NW.


Please dress with modesty in mind. Do not wear clothing that would be considered “distracting” such as very tight clothing, very short skirts or shorts, bare shoulders, bare midrifts or cleavage showing. It may be the style right now, but it is inappropriate attire. We are a set-apart people unto YHVH. As most people are camping, “nice casual” will be the norm for meetings and sabbaths.

In the Fall, the days are warm (by Oregon standards) and the nights are cold. You will want warm clothes (think “layers”), thick socks, and a warm coat for evenings at the Sukkah Parties. Consider gloves or mittens, a hat, and a warm blanket for your lap/legs as well. Once the sun goes down, it cools off quickly.

Meals and Snacks

You are asked to bring food for the daily snack tables at the meetings and for the evening sukkah parties. Please bring enough to satisfactorily feed you and your family as well as extra food to share. Often, with plenty of healthy and filling food contributed to the snack tables, you can be off after the meeting to explore the area without stopping to prepare and eat lunch first. Sukkot NW provides coffee, tea and hot cocoa at the meetings… and if you bring your own reusable camping coffee or hot cocoa cup, it’ll help cut down on the garbage generated.

Most meals are on your own. There are grocery stores, restaurants and quick meal eateries throughout the area. It is our tradition to have a nice shared meal on Erev Shabbat (Evening of the Sabbath) to welcome the sabbath in together. Challah, wine and grape juice will be provided. Please contribute two dishes (main + side, main + salad, or main + dessert) for the Erev Shabbat dinner (on 10/21/16).

On the sabbaths of the festival if you are not camping at Griffin Park, consider packing a picnic lunch in a cooler to bring with you to eat in the park as we are meeting all day and there isn’t much time for driving back and forth.

The first day of Sukkot is a festival sabbath. Consider preparing the meals ahead for this day to bring with you ready to eat so you’ll have a nice, relaxing start for the festival!

Parking Passes

Griffin Park requires that you have either a campground receipt (tag), an extra overnight vehicle campground tag, or a day parking pass on your vehicle to park at Griffin Park.

If you are camping at a Josephine County Park, including Griffin Park, your camping receipt is also a parking pass for all of the County Parks for the duration of your camping there. This will be given to you when you check in to your campsite. If you have extra overnight vehicles, an extra vehicle tag can be purchased for $5 per vehicle per night from the on-site Griffin Park Park Hosts (cash only).

If you are not camping at a county park, there is a day use parking fee to park at Griffin Park. The day use fee is $5 per vehicle per day (bring cash to buy the day use parking pass). Annual passes are available for $30. Note that $30 ÷ $5 = 6 days, so a good option if you need a parking pass for more than 6 days. There are deep discounts for Disabled Placard holders and service connected veterans.

The annual parking pass is purchased at the Josephine County Parks office, at several other designated locations in Grants Pass, or it can now be ordered online. If you are ordering a day parking pass online, just keep clicking on the parking pass graphic until you reach the shopping cart page. Detailed information about the parking passes, location of the office, office hours, and a list of other vendors where passes can be purchased is on the Josephine County Parks website.

There is overflow parking available near the Picnic Shelter at Griffin Park.


“On the first day you shall take the product of the beautiful (hadar) tree, branches of palm trees, thick branches of leafy trees, and willows of the brook and you shall rejoice before YHVH your Elohim for seven days” (Leviticus 23:40).

Photo of Etrog and Lulavim with a talit and tzitzit.

Lulavim Set with Etrog

When speaking of the “lulavim” we refer to the four species of plants mentioned in the Torah:

  • the lulav — an unopened date-palm frond;
  • the hadassim — myrtle branches;
  • the aravot — willow branches; and
  • an etrog — the fruit of the citron tree (product of the beautiful tree).

If you would like to purchase a standard lulavim set from Israel with our group order, please pre-order with your registration by indicating the type and how many sets you want on the Registration Payment Page. The price of each lulavim set is $40.50 for a “quality” standard lulavim set and $51.00 for a “deluxe” lulavim set. The difference between the two sets is the quality of the etrog. The order deadline from our source is 9/25/2016. You must have the pre-paid order to us by noon Pacific Time on 9/25/16 to participate in this group order. If you are mailing it in, leave yourself plenty of time. The lulavim sets will be delivered to Griffin Park and will be available for you at the start of Sukkot. Order your sets today for your Sukkot celebration!