Update for 2016


It’s been a busy and exciting season for Natan and I getting kids moved to college, going about other family activities, getting the new Scripture Reading Schedule ready for another year, along with making preparations for Sukkot NW! The season of our joy is almost here, so we’d like to give you an update and tell you about a couple of RV sites that have opened up.


Our speakers have offered more great teachings than we have found spots for. We also hope to add one more Wilderness Experience time as well as Hebrew lessons. Dr. Joe has offered to teach a daily class for those who are interested to learn to sound out and read the Hebrew aleph-bet. We’re looking for the *best* daily spot for that. It may be held during the lunch break or just before the evening activities. I’ll get the schedule online as it stands now — just know that we are still massaging it a bit so it may change slightly.


All tent campsites are full.

Two RV sites are now open and available. Several families from our congregation cancelled due to various reasons (tow vehicle problems, farm animal issues, family schedule conflicts, etc). The fee is $325 for the entire feast and includes water, electric and sewer hookups. Both campsites can accommodate a tent, meaning either an RV or tent camper can reserve either site. If you reserve one of these sites, the late registration fee will be waived.

We’re looking forward to another great year at Sukkot NW!

Blessings and joy in Messiah,
~Sandi Lawrence