Registration Opening Soon!

This website is being updated for our Sukkot NW 2015 celebration! You may see changes to the website as we update. We’ll post here when it’s ready and registration opens.

We’re excited about this year’s celebration at Griffin Park near Grants Pass in Southern Oregon! The praise & worship team has been busy preparing, five experienced and wise teachers will be sharing with us, along with various workshops that are being offered.

We’re on an A/B schedule again this year, and like last year, we won’t know our final schedule until Yom Teruah. The new moon of the 7th month is a difficult one to see when it’s first potentially visible, so depending on if it’s seen on 9/14 or 9/15, the dates will move a day. We’ve reserved Griffin Park beginning the evening of 9/28 through the morning of 10/8, so if we’re on Schedule B you can arrive at camp a day early, on schedule A you can stay a day longer if you want.

Hope to see you at the Feast!