Registration is Now Open!

The Sukkot NW website has been updated to reflect this year’s celebration and registration is now open.

The daily schedule is still being finalized and will be ready soon. Last year’s schedule is still up so you can see generally what we do. This year we’ve been requested to bring back the women’s and men’s forums, one couple mentioned renewing their wedding vows, and some interesting workshops are shaping up. Several people are bringing their telescopes for star gazing, so if you have one, feel free to bring it.

Campsites are filling up. If you want to camp at Griffin Park during Sukkot NW, you’ll need to request a campsite reservation soon. A new form has been added this year to request a campsite reservation. If you’re camping at Griffin Park, please fill out the Campsite Reservation Request form before registering if you want to pay for it at the same time as when you register. We can also invoice you separately for the campsite if you’ve already registered.

After the Shavuot NW (Pentecost) celebration at the barn in Wilsonville, we began taking campsite reservations. If you have a reservation and a campsite number (even if you don’t remember what it is), please fill out the Campsite Reservation Request form so that we have all the information we need (and it’s accurate), including how many people are camping on your site and if you are interested in sharing your site with another camper(s).

Blessings and hope to see you at the Feast!

~Sandi Lawrence

2 thoughts on “Registration is Now Open!

  1. Angie Eberhart

    Hello there 😀,
    I wasn’t sure if you still needed me to register or not seeing that I am staying over at Indian Mary Park. I would assume I should because I will still be a part of Hoshana Rabbah’s Sukkot 😛Soooo excited !!! Can’t wait!
    Please let me know Sandi. Love you and I’ll be back soon to fellowship. So much happening as always during the summer.
    Love Angie

    1. SukkotNW Post author

      Registration for Sukkot NW and reserving a campsite are two separate things. 🙂 To register, go to the Registration page. Read the information and at the bottom of the page is a link to the on-line Registration Form.
      We’ve missed you, too, Angie! There are no services this week, but we’ll be back for the 5th Shabbat of this month. Hope to see you soon!

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